the BOUTIQUE easthampton

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About Us

Who I Am

 My name is Marianne Gregersen, and I was raised in Chicopee, Massachusetts. I hold no degrees, but held a job for 27 years in the field of signs and outdoor advertising.

 I have designed logos and signs for large corporations, worked with neon, LED lighting, worked with elevations and site plans to create directional signage for traffic flow, planned and designed the electrical for the interiors of signs as well and the masonry bases and footings for installation. I managed a production department of 5 men in printing, graphics application, painting and CNC routing.  I have always loved painting and drawing, the outdoors, beaches and forests, flea markets and barnsales. I began collecting rocks as soon as I could walk and today I tend to stop everywhere I go to pick up stones, flat rocks, driftwood, and wildflowers. 

I fell in love with vintage jewelry in 2005 when I was blessed with some of my grandmothers costume jewelry from the 1930's-40's. I only had to hold it in my hand and I was bit by the bug. Similar to how I discovered my love for gardening. Both inspired by or inherited from my grandmother, Isabelle Paquette. 

I enjoy cleaning up old pieces, doing minor repairs if needed or creating an entirely new product from parts of jewelry that can be up to 75 years old. The mainstay of this store will be the vintage jewelry.

I have experimented with refinishing and painting old furniture. I discovered by accident, while painting my grandmother's cedar chest, that with enough patience I was able to paint birds in detail. I am still surprised when I look at the work I did.

Why Marianne's Boutique?

At The Boutique Easthampton, I focus on locating unique or unusual items, and I after I fall in love with each and every one of them, I put them out on the floor.I am forever on the lookout for handcrafted products made by creative, local artists that are relatively undiscovered. I am finding more and more talented people everyday just by striking up a conversation.

I will grace the shelves with costume jewelry from the 1930's to the 1990's. Today's jewelry doesn't impress me the same way the older creations do. There is something wonderful about wearing earrings or a necklace from the past and have someone ask me where I picked it up, because it can fit into current days styles so easily. I will put a more modern piece in my store if I find something unusual or the colors strike me,

I hand pick every item that isn't handcrafted, specifically to intrigue my visitors. My products raise questions, entertain, energize, are visually pleasing and can bring up memories long forgotten.

My Boutique takes time to look through...not because it is cluttered but because I use a layering process in my displays to create unusual color schemes and blending of products otherwise segregated in your average showroom. 

My customers can come in and browse, relax with a hot cup of tea or coffee and browse through my self help and self actualization books, brush up on their knowledge of crystals or essential oils.

I intend to focus on keeping things exciting for my customers to allow their senses to take in the scents, colors and layers to the atmosphere I offer. There are superior body and soul products, as well as hundreds of items to wear, display or give away that make my clients feel good inside and out.